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Interview with Anna Muzychuk

You are representing Slovenian Chess Federation since 2004. Wasn’t it difficult to take such kind of responsibility at the age of 14?

As you said I was a girl of 14 and my parents made the decision for me.

Round 10
round10 IM Norayr Kalantaryan's and Sargis V. Manukyan's live commentary on the tenth round can be found here.

Rest day 2
Round 9 - Report
r9  The ninth round of Women's Grand Prix produced some surprises.

 Ushenina pushed 10.e5 too early in this game and on move 13 could simply resign.
Interview with Humpy Koneru

Dear Humpy, as I know it’s not your first visit to Armenia. Did you manage to learn about our country, and what do you remember from your previous visit?

Well I didn’t visit any places except the tournament venue and around the hotel this time. But I like the natural beauty of the country surrounded by mountains and trees.

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