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Round 6 - Report
In the sixth round of Women's Grand Prix tournament players with white pieces scored four victories and two draws.

Tuvshintugs and Danielyan are still getting medical treatment  and couldn't perform on their normal level.But if Tuvshintugs  ended the game with threefold repetition in the opening, basically without starting it,Danielyan had a tiring and long game against Dronavalli with  black. Elina solved the opening problems and had a comfortable position, but later started to play without clear plan and was gradually outplayed by her opponent.

Girya had better chances against her compatriot Kosintseva.


Here white had 32.a4 and if 32...ba then 33B:c4+ Kg7 34.d5 Girya played 32.d5 B:d5 33.R:b5 Bc6 34.B:c4+ Kg7.White won a pawn, but this wasn't enough to win the game.
The opening of the game between the two rating favorites of the tournament Koneru-Muzychuk wasn't very promising for white. Black sacrificed a pawn and had a very comfortable play.Koneru managed to trade all the heavy pieces and keep the extra pawn, but Muzychuk had a pair of bishops and enough compensation for the pawn.


40...b5 41.Kd3 K:d5,but this not what black played.For some reason Muzychuk prefered 40...f6 and after 41.b5 a5 42. Ne2 Bf7 43.Nc3 Ke5 44.g3 g5 45.f4+ gf 46.gf+ K:f4 47.Na4 white won the game.
Cmilyte- Stefanova was a complicated game with a lot of tactics.


30.B:f5! Qc6 31.Bg4 Re8 32.Re1 Kf8 33.f5 ef 34.B:f5 Q:c5 35.h6 R:e1 36 Q:e1 gh 37.Qe6 Qe7 38.B:h6 Ke8 39 Qg8+ and Viktorija scored her first victory in this tournament.
Khotenashvili played most of her moves in the opening with her knights without really improving the position.Dzagnidze had a clear plan of attacking on the king side.


Instead of following her plan with 20.Nd1,Ne3 f4,f5, white played 20.a4 Na5 21.Rb1 b4 22.Na2 c5 23. dc B:c5+ 24 Nd4? and allowed black to create a real counterplay.


Black could play 24...Nbc4!25 bc dc 26 Kh1 Q:d4 27.Q:d4 B:d4 28. N:b4 c3 .Khotenashvili missed this opportunity and after 24... N:b3? 25.R:b3 Nc4 26.Qf2 Q:a4 27.Nc1 a5 28. f4 Qd7 29.Rf3 Qa7 30 Ncb3 a4 31.N:c5 Q:c5 32 f5 Dzagnidze won the game.

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