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Closing Ceremony
Congratulations to Humpy Koneru
The closing ceremony of the Women's Grand Prix has been over in the resort town of Dilijan, Armenia.

The Armenian Chess Federation hearty congratulates all the participants especially the winner of the Women Grand Prix Humpy Koneru and hope to see all of them in Armenia in the following Grand Prix Tournaments.

Round 11 - Report
round11  The leader of the tournament Koneru played 1.d4 d5 2.Bg5 against Tuvshintugs and this was probably a surprise for her opponent.Black has recommended herself  as a very tough opponent in this tournament, but  today she didn't find a plan to neutrualize white's aggressive attack on the king side and   had to resign on move 22.

Danielian chose the Vinaver variation of French Defense against Muzychuk. Black made some inaccuracies in the opening and their rook was forced to leave the g file and go to h8.
Round 11
round11 IM Norayr Kalantaryan's and Sargis V. Manukyan's live commentary on the eleventh round can be found here.

Round 10 - Report
r10  The leaders of the Women's Grand Prix tournament H. Koneru and A. Muzychuk are facing a strong resistance during the last few rounds. Today they both drew again. This was the third draw in a row for both players.

Girya was playing white against Koneru. She methodically traded the queens and all minor pieces and reached a dead drawn rook ending.

H. Dronavalli – A. Muzychuk was a theoretical discussion in one of the Meran variations of Slav Defense. Till move 17 they were repeating Morozevich - Caruana ( Reggio Emilia, 2010) game.
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