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Round 11 - Report
round11  The leader of the tournament Koneru played 1.d4 d5 2.Bg5 against Tuvshintugs and this was probably a surprise for her opponent.Black has recommended herself  as a very tough opponent in this tournament, but  today she didn't find a plan to neutrualize white's aggressive attack on the king side and   had to resign on move 22.

Danielian chose the Vinaver variation of French Defense against Muzychuk. Black made some inaccuracies in the opening and their rook was forced to leave the g file and go to h8.


20..fe? ( 20.f5! N:f5 21.gf B:f5 22.Bf4! and white is winning. Probably Muzychuk underestimated the strength of 22.Bf4.)20...B:d3 21.edQ+ K:d8 22 cd R:h7 .Black has at least equal chances.Draw on move 43 with threefold repetition.

Khotenashvili chose the aggressive variation of Anti-Meran with 7.g4. Ushenina was ready for this and draw was a logical result in this game.
Cmilyte tried to improve a 2010 Andriasian-Timofeev game, but few moves later gave up the control over the a  file. Cmilyte sacrificed a pawn and traded her useless bishop with the d5 knight, but didn't get enough compensation. All of Kosintseva's pieces were very dominant and on move 51 she scored her fifth victory of the tournament.

Stefanova had better chances during the game,but the decision to enter a rook ending with an extra pawn wasn't the best. Dronavalli was very accurate with the defense and forced a threefold repetition.

The last game to finish was N. Dzagnidze - O. Girya.


6 Qh5+ g6 7.Qe2 Nf6 8.f4, Later Dazgnidze solved the problem of her dark square bishop by  playing Bc1-d2-e1-h4 and trading  it with the f6 knight.Black didn't have the same chance for their c8 bishop as the check on the 6th move had attracted the pawn to g6.The endgame where white's queen and two knights were opposed by queen and two bishops of black  was in white's favor,and soon black made a mistake.


59...Qa7? Dzagnidze played 60 Qb1? and didn't see that after 60.Q:a7 K:a7 61.Ne6! with Ng7 treat the e8 bishop has nowhere to go.Later in the game Girya made another mistake and this time Dzagnidze  didn't miss her chance.


70...fg 71 Q:g4+ Kd8.72.Qe6 Qa4 73.Qd6+ Kc8 74.N:c6 B:c6 75.Q:c6+Kb8 76.Qd6+ Kc8 77.c6 Qa7 78.Q:d5 and black resigned.

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