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Interview with Humpy Koneru

Dear Humpy, as I know it’s not your first visit to Armenia. Did you manage to learn about our country, and what do you remember from your previous visit?

Well I didn’t visit any places except the tournament venue and around the hotel this time. But I like the natural beauty of the country surrounded by mountains and trees.

During your school years you represented your country in several Continental and World Youth tournaments. Which of these tournaments do you remember most?

I remember all of the world youth tournaments as I won most of them. But I feel that winning the World Youth Championship in 2001 at the age of 14 is a very special one. It gave me the confidence to compete in open category.  

Which year do you think was the best in your chess career?

I am still looking forward for the best year to come.

What would you identify as the most important traits of character besides talent to become a high level chess player? What characteristic features would you like to change in yourself, if any?

A person needs to be self disciplined, hardworking and determined.
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