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Interview with Anna Muzychuk

You are representing Slovenian Chess Federation since 2004. Wasn’t it difficult to take such kind of responsibility at the age of 14?

As you said I was a girl of 14 and my parents made the decision for me.

How would you describe your game style in your early chess career?

It’s a bit difficult for me to distinguish something, but at that time I liked to play more actively and  used to attack more often.

In 2008 you won two important Open tournaments. Was that year the best in your chess career?

Those were the two first strong tournaments where I won but later I had more impressive performances.

Has anything changed in your world outlook after becoming World Champion under-20? What memories do you keep from that event?

Well, I can say nothing has changed after that victory. I am just happy that I managed to become a World Champion. 

What would you identify as the most important traits of character besides talent to become a high level chess player? What characteristic features would you like to change in yourself, if any?

I think first of all the person must love the game, as during the long years many lose their interest in chess because of  hard training process. Also I think that having a good memory is a must.
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