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Round 8 - Report
r8  The results of the eighth round of Women's Grand Prix tournament didn't affect the leading group, as five games were drawn and only Kosintseva won against Dronavalli.

This game was also a probable draw, but in an equal position Harika blundered her knight.


35.Nd5? R:d5 36.ed Q:b2 37.R:e8+ Kg7 38.Rb8 Qc3 39.Ree8 Qc1+ 40 Bf1 B:d5 white resigned.

Once again Tuvshintugs missed an opportunity to score an immediate victory. Knotenashvili wasn't well prepared and had an unpleasant ending right out of the opening.


Khotenashvili has just played 33...Kf4 and now 34 e5! could end the game. 35.Re3 and 36 Ne2#is the treat and if 34...K:e5 then 35 Re3+ Kf6 36 Ne4+ and 37 N:c5.Batchimeg played 34.Na4 and after 34...Rc1 35 Rd1 R:d1 36.R:d1 B:b3!37. Rb1 Rd8 38.R:b3 Rd2+39.Ke1 R:a2 black organized a strong counterattack. Soon white lost all her pawns and had to agree to a draw.

Cmilyte and Koneru had a theoretical discussion in one of the well known variations of Nimzo-Indian.The endgame that was pretty much forced out of the opening for both sides looked better for white, but the leader of the tournament was very accurate with the defense and players reached a peaceful end without any adventures.

Dzagnidze had a promising position against Stefanova.At one point she could create serious problems for her opponent.


21.N:f7! Rf8 22.e4! with the idea of Qe3 and Qh6. Dzagnidze took the pawn with the bishop 21.B:f7 and after 21...Rf8 22.g5 gradually lost the advantage.This was a difficult game for both players though.

Girya had a better position against Muzychuk during the most part of the game, but wasn't enough energetic and allowed black to push


22...e5 23.de N:e5 24.R:c7 R:c7 25.Ba5 Rd7 26.Bb4 Qa6 27.Qc2 Qc4 after which minor pieces of Muzychuk gained activity and draw became inevitable.

Danielyan had a strong initiative against Ushenina during the whole game.


Here white could play 35.R:a5 with B:c4 on the next move.Black's pieces are very passive and they cannot put out any resistance. Elina preferred 35.R:c4 and later being in time trouble missed some other chances to score her first victory in this tournament.Draw on move 55.                                    

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