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Round 5 - Report

r5A. Ushenina and O. Girya showed a deep knowledge of this variation of Slav Defense. White tried to improve the line from recent Wang Yue-Karjakin game. They traded the Queens and had a small plus, but Girya was very accurate and the winner of the 2012 Women's World Cup never had a chance to get anything real.

Draw was agreed with threefold repetition. As there are strict limitations about draw agreements in this tournament (threefold repetition, 50 move rule and theoretical draws) we often see draws with threefold repetitions. Some positions really don't contain any resources for further play so players have to find this kind of threefold repetitions to abide the regulations. Draw was agreed on move 58, but honestly I think they could have agreed to draw much earlier if allowed.

Another draw was achieved in game H. Dronavalli – V. Cmilyte. This time after 102 moves. A 50 move rule applied as black was trying to win a theoretical drawn position rook and knight against rook. The game by itself was very interesting. Black had a  protected passed pawn on c3 and the position looked very dangerous for white, but at one point Dronavalli created serious treats on the king side and black gave up a piece to trade the queens and kill white's initiative. Few moves later they were able to recover the material loss thanks to the c3 pawn. The defense in rook and knight against rook ending was very masterful and with no incidents Harika forced a draw with making the 50 move rule to apply.

B. Khotenashvili – H. Koneru was a positional game. White was pressing on the  king side, but black had equal defending units. Once again draw was agreed with threefold repetition.

E. Danielyan – B. Tuvshintugs was the last drawn game in this round. This game was in question in the morning as both players had serious health problems. Fortunately they both found enough resources to start the game. In an equal position black made a mistake that went unpunished.


20...N:e4?21 Bf3? (21 R:c6 Q:c6 22.Bf3 and black is losing material) Elina played
21 Bf3 immediately and Batchimeg found 21... Nh4!22.B:e4 N:e4 23.N:e4 Q:e4 24.Qd5 Qb4 25. Bg5 Be7 26.B:g5 Q:g5 with equal chances. Players agreed to a draw on move 58.This time the rule for theoretical drawn positions applied. We hope that these two talented players will feel better tomorrow and we'll see some more fighting chess in their fulfillment.

T. Kosintseva – N. Dzagnidze was a well known Paulsen variation of the Sicilian. Right after the opening Dzagnidze blundered.


23...Ne5?.24 fe and now black cannot play 24...Q:e6 as after 25 R:f6 Q:f6 26.Bg5 they lose the d8 rook. Dzagnidze had to play 24...Kh8 and after 25 ef white came up with material as well as positional advantage. Dazgnidze resigned on move 46.

Once again A.Stefanova played 3...Nge7 in Ruy lopez, this time against A. Muzychuk. White had probably analyzed T. Kosintseva – A. Stefanova game from round 3 and played 4 Nc3.

Muzychuk had strong initiative during the whole game, won a pawn and was pressing on both sides of the board. The final move is very impressive.


40 Rc5+ and black resigned.

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