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Round 6 - Report
In the sixth round of Women's Grand Prix tournament players with white pieces scored four victories and two draws.

Tuvshintugs and Danielyan are still getting medical treatment  and couldn't perform on their normal level.But if Tuvshintugs  ended the game with threefold repetition in the opening, basically without starting it,Danielyan had a tiring and long game against Dronavalli with  black. Elina solved the opening problems and had a comfortable position, but later started to play without clear plan and was gradually outplayed by her opponent.

Girya had better chances against her compatriot Kosintseva.

Round 5 - Report

r5A. Ushenina and O. Girya showed a deep knowledge of this variation of Slav Defense. White tried to improve the line from recent Wang Yue-Karjakin game. They traded the Queens and had a small plus, but Girya was very accurate and the winner of the 2012 Women's World Cup never had a chance to get anything real.

Draw was agreed with threefold repetition. As there are strict limitations about draw agreements in this tournament (threefold repetition, 50 move rule and theoretical draws) we often see draws with threefold repetitions. Some positions really don't contain any resources for further play so players have to find this kind of threefold repetitions to abide the regulations. Draw was agreed on move 58, but honestly I think they could have agreed to draw much earlier if allowed.

Round 4 - Report
round4  N. Dzagnidze - A. Ushenina.  Exchange variation of Slav Defense was played. White had some pressure  on the Queen side but Ushenina methodically traded almost all the pieces and left Dzagnidze with no chances to win. Draw was agreed with threefold repetition on move 35.

A. Stefanova - B. Khotenashvili was an interesting encounter. Until move 15 Khotenashvili was repeating Harika Dronavalii's moves against the same opponent at the 2012 Women's World  Cup.

Round 3 - Report
r3  H. Dronavalli - O. Girya was a positional game, where white was pressing on the queen side. However black's position was very solid and Harika wasn't able to get anything real. Draw on move 43.

Khotenashvili sacrificed a pawn in the opening against Muzychuk and left the black with undeveloped queen side. The position looked very promising for her, but on move 18 she spent most of her time trying to find the best square for the rook. Being in time trouble she didn't find anything better than repeating the moves. This was probably a wise decision.
Round 2 - Report
r2 We had a very interesting round today.

Stefanova and Ushenina repeated the first 8 moves of Ushenina's game from the previous round with     the difference of colors.Yesterday Ushenina was playing with white. Stefanova played

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