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Round 3 - Report
r3  H. Dronavalli - O. Girya was a positional game, where white was pressing on the queen side. However black's position was very solid and Harika wasn't able to get anything real. Draw on move 43.

Khotenashvili sacrificed a pawn in the opening against Muzychuk and left the black with undeveloped queen side. The position looked very promising for her, but on move 18 she spent most of her time trying to find the best square for the rook. Being in time trouble she didn't find anything better than repeating the moves. This was probably a wise decision.

Dzagnidze chose King's Indian defense against Danielyan. Normally this leads to very sharp positions. In the game Elina limited the attacking opportunities of black , but wasn't able to create any problems for her opponent.Draw right after the time control.

Another draw was reached in the game Ushenina-Koneru. Simmetrical position from Queen's Gambit didn't provide much chances for any of the opponents.
 The two other games of the round were very exciting.

Cmilyte played Grunfeld defense against Tuvshintugs. Everything was OK for the black untill move 25


25...Q:e1 26 Rf:e1 B:b3 and the endgame is equal.Cmilyte played 25...Q:b3 and after 26.Qa5 Bf5 27.Qc7+ Kh6 28.Bf3 Qb6 29.Qe7 Bd3 30.Rfd1 Bc2 31 c5 Qb5 found herself in a lost postion.

Here Tuvshintugs could play 32.R:c2 R:c2 33.Q:f6 Rb4 34g4!. The Mongolian player chose 32.Re1 e4 33.Be2 Bd3 34.Bg4 f5 35 B:f5 gf 36 Qf6+ and this was also good enough. 36...Kh5 37.Q:f5+ Kh6 38 Qf6+ Kh5 39. h3

Kosintseva-Stefanova was a very complicated game. On move 18 white  carelessly played


18 Bh4 and after 18...g5 19.Bg3 Nc5 20 Bc2 f5 21. ef N:f5 22.Rb1 Qf6 black developed a strong initiative.23 B:f5 B:f5 24.N:f5 Q:f5 25 h4


Now 25...gh 26 B:h4 Qe4 27 Bg3 Rae8 was simply winning. Stefanova played 25...Rae8. Later Kosintseva created some treats on the queen side, traded her bishop and the knight for  rook and two pawns and was close to make a draw.


42.Rb5! Bf2+ 43 Kf1 g4 44.Rh5 Be3 45.Rh8 R:b4 46 R:e6 K:e6 47.Re8+ was a draw. Kosintseva played 42.b5 and after 42...g4 43.Rc7 Bb4+ 44.Kf1 g3 45.Rc4 Kf5.46.Rac6 Rf2+ 47.Kg1 Ng5 had to resign.

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