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Interview with Viktorija Chmilyte
Dear Viktorija, as I know it’s not your first visit to Armenia.  What do you remember from your previous visits and what were your impressions?

In fact it’s my third tournament in Armenia. I have played here at the Olympiad in 1996 and at the World Championship among girls U-20 in 1999. Good treatment towards chess had made a great impression on me. Also the nature is beautiful and food is very tasty in Armenia.

How did your chess views change after you won the European Championship? What memories do you still keep from that tournament?

I don’t think that any views have been changed after my victory at the European Championship. Indeed, I was very glad for that victory and I have also great memories connected with Tbilisi. On the other hand I understand perfectly well, that in that tournament everything took a favorable turn for me. I try to accept quietly all my victories and loses, as well.

What do you think, what made obstacles for you to show good results during the previous rounds of Grand-Prix?

I consider that I played worthily at the previous Grand-Prix. Only one tournament was unsuccessful for me. And in the following tournaments I took third, fourth and fifth places. I was more satisfied with the result and quality of the game in the last three stages of the previous Grand-Prix.

Tell me please, what would you identify as the most important traits of character, besides talent, to become a high level chess player? What characteristic features would you like to change in yourself?

I think besides talent, chess player should be really involved in playing chess. In my opinion chess is a type of activity, where it is impossible to reach high level by force.
This will be a wonderful factor and prerequisite for prospective development of chess if a child could play chess or analyze an interesting position for hours. It is obvious, that we should have good health, stable neural system, sportive character, ability to work, etc. I am completely satisfied with my character, but I try to learn on my mistakes, and in case of chance not to repeat them.
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