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Interview with Tatiana Kosintseva
KosintsevaTatianaDear Tatiana, as I know it’s not your first visit to Armenia.  What do you remember from your previous visits and what were your impressions?

This is my second visit to Armenia. In 2010 I was in Jermuk. The beauty of the local nature, warm and welcoming attitude of the people made a great impression on me. The universal love and respect for chess is felt everywhere in Armenia.

You have a long list of chess successes. Which of your victories do you consider as the most important one and what was the best year for you?

Really it is difficult to determine which of the victories was the most important one. As for me, every victory has its specific value. Every competition is a distance with its fallings and raisings, with the entering of which you should solve tasks. And when you show the maximum result, it means that you have managed to gather all the necessary factors in one place. And the most successful year was 2010.

What do you think, what were the obstacles that didn’t let you show good results at the previous tournaments of Grand-Prix?

This is my third series of Grand-Prix. The previous two were formed differently. I think I lacked stability. Good performance of one stage was followed by an unsatisfactory result at the next one. But if you want to win the Grand Prix you have to show high results in every single tournament.

Tell me, please, what would you identify as the most important traits of character, besides talent, to become a high level chess player? What characteristic features would you like to change in yourself?

First of all, it is hard working. We need to work more and constantly play chess to improve our skills.  I think that man should always develop his skills, changing for the better. There is always something to work on both personal and professional levels.
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