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Interview with Antoaneta Stefanova

Dear Antoaneta, as I know it’s not your first visit to Armenia. Did you manage to learn about our country, and what do you remember from your previous visit?

Nice country with nice people. I just hope next time we will play in Yerevan.

In 2002 you became European Women champion. Is it possible to consider your victory as a turning point promoting you to become the best woman chess player from 2004 to 2006?

Let’s not forget that Women European Championships only started in 2000, and World Championships in the knock-out format as well. So, I was lucky to be able to fight for this titles and even more lucky to win them.

As I know you also like to play in rapid chess tournaments. Your best result was seen in 2012, when you became World Rapid Chess champion. Do you like to play this beautiful type of game just for fun or do you treat it professionally as well?

I always enjoyed playing in Rapid and Blitz chess events among both men and women. I just hope the Women Rapid and Blitz championships will become regular!

What would you identify as the most important traits of character, besides talent, to become a high level chess player? What characteristic features would you like to change in yourself, if you have any?

Many things: determination, concentration, and readiness to work hard, but most of all I think love for chess. Surely there are many things I would like to improve in my chess. For example, true management during the games.
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