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Round 11 - Report
round11  The leader of the tournament Koneru played 1.d4 d5 2.Bg5 against Tuvshintugs and this was probably a surprise for her opponent.Black has recommended herself  as a very tough opponent in this tournament, but  today she didn't find a plan to neutrualize white's aggressive attack on the king side and   had to resign on move 22.

Danielian chose the Vinaver variation of French Defense against Muzychuk. Black made some inaccuracies in the opening and their rook was forced to leave the g file and go to h8.
Round 10 - Report
r10  The leaders of the Women's Grand Prix tournament H. Koneru and A. Muzychuk are facing a strong resistance during the last few rounds. Today they both drew again. This was the third draw in a row for both players.

Girya was playing white against Koneru. She methodically traded the queens and all minor pieces and reached a dead drawn rook ending.

H. Dronavalli – A. Muzychuk was a theoretical discussion in one of the Meran variations of Slav Defense. Till move 17 they were repeating Morozevich - Caruana ( Reggio Emilia, 2010) game.
Round 9 - Report
r9  The ninth round of Women's Grand Prix produced some surprises.

 Ushenina pushed 10.e5 too early in this game and on move 13 could simply resign.
Round 8 - Report
r8  The results of the eighth round of Women's Grand Prix tournament didn't affect the leading group, as five games were drawn and only Kosintseva won against Dronavalli.

This game was also a probable draw, but in an equal position Harika blundered her knight.

Round 7 - Report
r7  Muzychuk-Dzagnidze. Once again Dzagnidze chose the Sicilian Defense.The variation wasn't a surprise for Anna.

Round 6 - Report
In the sixth round of Women's Grand Prix tournament players with white pieces scored four victories and two draws.

Tuvshintugs and Danielyan are still getting medical treatment  and couldn't perform on their normal level.But if Tuvshintugs  ended the game with threefold repetition in the opening, basically without starting it,Danielyan had a tiring and long game against Dronavalli with  black. Elina solved the opening problems and had a comfortable position, but later started to play without clear plan and was gradually outplayed by her opponent.

Girya had better chances against her compatriot Kosintseva.

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